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"We want men to want to use condoms"
Have safer sex with the right sized condom 

"Sex with condoms is like swimming in a diving suit". This opinion is always heard. But we claim the opposite: sex with the right condom can be a lot of fun and therefore we have made it our goal to find the right condom for everyone.
Size plays an important role in condom selection. Condoms are like shoes: they are no fun if they do not fit properly.

Safety is lost
Imagine only a majority of all men in Germany would run around in shoes too small because shoes only went up to size 37. The shoes would be too tight and men would get blisters or be forced to walk barefoot. An absurd idea?

Men buy condoms that are too big

Not when it comes to condoms. When it comes to choosing a condom a lot of people refer to the wrong size and end up buying a condom that’s way too small or too big – Frustration and disappointment are pre-programmed for one of the most beautiful things in the world.

But that can change. With our consulting approach we want to show you that sex with condoms doesn’t have to be un-cool or affect your love life.

About Vinico
At Vinico you can order condoms, lube, massage oils and other products for a secure and pleasurable sexualität
online. Your delivery will have no reference to the contents of the parcel and will be absolutely discrete. We dispatch your order within 24 hours. Select from the probably largest online condom assortment the suitable size for you. Choose from a wide selection of brands, including our German and UK super-brands section.


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Information regarding dispatch
All prices incl. value added tax and if neccessary additional forwarding expenses as outlined on this website and the online order form. Free delivery is granted at an order value of 75.00 GBP or higher (to the UK only). Delivery times: With a probability of aout 95 % you will have your order within 4 working days.   
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