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Vinico distributes
10.000 My.Size condoms in Africa

No trip is too far for us to give education on condoms. Over Christmas Vinico was traveling through southern Africa, to combat the spread of AIDS with My.Size condoms. Here you will find pictures of our education tour through Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.

Jan Vinzenz Krause from Vinico distributes 10.000 condoms in Africa


Let´s go:On the road with the Vinico condom-jeep
in Namibia(Windhoek-Swakopmund)
The condom advisor from Germany
wants to inspire african men with condoms.

First stop is Swakopmund. With Konny
from Schmettau of Successity together we distribute
free My.Size condoms to gas stations and
lots of useful information on condoms, AIDS and Co.
The My.Size condom sizes play an
Important role in the awerness. Whoever uses
condoms, needs the right condom size.
This means more safety and a better feeling.

The co-developers of My.Size and the founder of Vinico
Jan Vinzenz Krause is convinced that more
men in Africa would use condoms
if they were percived as pleasant.
In southern Africa* about 420.000 people die
from AIDS. This has dire implications for economic development
and is noticed in families:children grow up without parents.
children grow up without parents.

In a township North of Skakopmund
Vinico demonstrates, in a playful way,
the extent of condoms.

The Vinico condom penis tape measure
was adapted positivly by the people.
Many men wanted to measure their penis size.

Even in rural areas we distribute condoms
like here on the former
Rhenish mission station.
The educational tour in South Africa goes through
South africa from Durban to East London.
We provide information on condoms to the Xhosa woman.

Vinico wants to comit themselves long term to Southern Africa
and by contributing My.Size condoms,
help agains HIV.
Therefore we are looking for a contact to a local organisation,
with whom we can cooperate with.

In East London (South Africa) Jan Vinzenz Krause meets,
after a campaign from the ANC
with 100.000 people for Zindzi Mandela, die Tochter
of Nelson Mandela, and discussed with her the
AIDS problem in South Africa. 

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